The Philadelphia Eagles Needed Jalen Hurts to Step Up, and he has.

The Philadelphia Eagles have started the 2022 NFL Season 3-0. The last time that happened was in 2016 under a rookie Carson Wentz. This time it has been the NOW 3rd year QB Jalen Hurts, who seems to have taken the next step as an NFL quarterback. His accuracy and effectiveness in scrambling situations have noticeably improved not just for Eagles fans but football fans as well.

Their last game on Sunday against the Washington Commanders and their old quarterback Carson Wentz was nothing short of dominance. The Eagles finished the game with nine sacks and six points allowed in a 24-8 game. To add to the beating Wentz took, the Eagles piled on 17 quarterback hits as well.

When you can get pressure like the Eagles did on Sunday, it makes for a long day against any quarterback. Wentz threw the ball 43 times and finished the game with just 211 yards passing and zero touchdowns.


While the Philly defense certainly shut down any thought of a Commander’s win, Jalen Hurts put on another impressive performance that could put him into early MVP Conversations. He finished the game 22 of 35 passing for 340 yards and 3 touchdowns, almost all of that production coming in the first half. DeVonta Smith finished the 2nd quarter with 7 catches for 156 yards. 

In this video we’ll look at the impressive 3-0 start, how Jalen Hurts has progressed as a passer and leader, and how that stacked Eagles defense is taking over games.


When looking at the Eagles’ 3-0 start it’s important to look back at the teams they have beaten. In Week 1 they had a close game with the Detroit Lions who I think is a really solid team this year despite what everyone seems to think about them. At many times in that game, the Eagles had full control but the late game rally from Detroit made the game much closer than it seemed to be. Hurts finished the game with 243 yards passing, AJ Brown accounted for 155 of those, while Miles Sanders averaged over 7 yards per carry on the ground.

The defense did bend a bit more than you’d like to see giving up 35 points but since that last half against the Lions they have given up just 15 points over the past 2 games. They held the Vikings, who had beaten the Packers handily the week before to just 7 points. I’ll remember it as the Darius Slay game because that man was everywhere and Kirk Cousins struggled to get the ball to any of his top playmakers.

Hurts threw for over 300 yards and 1 touchdown and this is where you are beginning to see his development as a now 3rd-year quarterback. While he had an impressive game with his arm, his mobility and effectiveness as a runner just make that offense even more dynamic. He was the Eagles’ second-leading rusher in that game while scoring 2 touchdowns and I mean this with all respect but when he runs he does look like a running back, making guys miss, beating defenders to the edge, and then sticking his nose in there for a few extra yards. His ability as a runner is underrated in my opinion. But his biggest progression as an NFL quarterback has come from his arm , he’s slicing teams up in the air, the running isn’t a crutch it’s a weapon.


In my mind, the Eagles’ season relied on one thing, how Jalen Hurts would look as a passer. The team did everything they could this offseason to make sure he had as many weapons as possible at his disposal. The addition of AJ Brown to compliment DeVonta Smith has proven to be the correct move so far. Hurts has already found Brown 20 times this season for 309 yards and 1 touchdown. So far, Jalen Hurts looks like he might be the franchise quarterback in Philadelphia along with an NFL MVP, but the season is still young. 

Make sure to Head down to the comments and give me your Philadelphia Eagles record predictions for this season. I’ll leave mine down there as well, now let’s continue with the video

While Hurts has been slicing up defenses, the Philadelphia Eagles defense has been as strong as you could hope for as a Philly Fan. In the game against the Vikings they picked off 3 Kirk Cousins passes allowing just 1 touchdown. The 3 interceptions aren’t what I focused on when re-watching this game. The Philly front has been talked about a lot, we knew coming into the season that would be a strong unit. Philly’s front 7 held Dalvin Cook to just 2.8 yards per carrying. As we all know, football is won in the trenches, if you have a dominant front, it’s going to be hard for any team to make consistent plays running or throwing the football.

 That is what makes the Philly defense so scary, and of course, they have playmakers like Darius Slay on the back end. 


The game against the Commanders was a combination of all of the things I have talked about. Washington didn’t stand a chance in blocking that Eagles defensive line, Jalen Hurts used his legs and threw the ball effectively, and those Eagles WRs made plays when given the opportunity. I would like to point out again that Wentz was sacked a season-high 9 times, scoring just 6 points while taking 17 quarterback hits. And maybe the Commanders aren’t the best measure of success in the NFL, but good teams maul bad teams and that is exactly what Philadelphia has done up to this point.

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