Hold Kenny Back because of the Steelers Offensive Line?


With the Steelers offensive line struggling yet again through two preseason games there has been a lot of talk around holding Kenny Pickett back from starting as a direct result.

Through two preseason games Kenny is 19/22 with 171 passing yards, 3 Touchdowns and a 138.6 passer rating. Although it’s the preseason, you couldn’t ask for a better start for the rookie. However, the idea that Pittsburgh shouldn’t start him due to the offensive line is ridiculous and not how an NFL team should be ran.


The debate between Mitch, Kenny, and Mason is on-going as all three have looked good through two preseason games. But the idea that Pickett should sit an entire year because of a bad offensive line is silly logic, what if they don’t get better?

Lastly, why would this logic not apply to Najee Harris who will be force fed the ball and possibly risk injury behind the offensive line? That’s because media and some fans may overcomplicate what people who run NFL teams don’t: play the people who give the team the best chance to win, period.


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