Arizona Cardinals and QB Kyler Murray have reached an agreement on a 5-year $230.5 million contract extension with 160 million guaranteed per Adam Schefter.


The deal comes after an offseason of drama between both sides. Regardless, both sides put down their grievances to get a deal done that will keep Kyler Murray in Arizona for the long term.
Although the guaranteed money doesn’t match Deshaun Watsons, the pay per year does.

The contract will pay him $46.1 million per year, $100,000 more than Deshaun Watsons current deal.


This seems like an overpay for the Arizona Cardinals. Kyler has yet to throw for 30 touchdowns or 4,000 yards in a season with an apparent attitude problem in the locker room. His leadership skills have been questioned on numerous occasions.

I surely don’t think he deserved a low-ball contract either. He shouldn’t be breaking records.


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