Hot Take 1:

All 4 teams from the AFC West will make the playoffs

This one may not seem far fetched as first but it’s going to be difficult for every team in a division to stay healthy enough and win enough games to make the playoffs. But this is one of the most stacked divisions I can remember in my life time, every team added star-power to their roster and the list of quarterback matchups is amazing for football fans.


Mahomes vs Wilson

Wilson vs Herbert

Herbert vs Mahomes

Mahomes vs Carr

Carr vs Wilson

What an insane division.


Hot Take #2:

Tom Brady looks his age in 2022

I know this has been said every single year since Brady turned 40. But I haven’t said that yet so it’s my turn this year.

He has retired once, indicating to me that he already has one foot out the door. This is the year that Tom Bradys arm strength diminishes, his decision making slows down and he finally looks like an older man playing a young mans sport.


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