Reported by Michael Gelkhen and the Athletic last week, Tyron Smith did not practice during the Cowboys OTAs that was available to the media. McCarthy later confirmed that Smith was experiencing back soreness and the Cowboys decided to hold him out for that particular practice.


This immediately gave Cowboys fans pause. Tyron Smith hasn’t been healthy in years, he missed all but two games during the 2020 season, and missed a handful of games in 2021 with an ankle injury. But this is particularly concerning because the offseason work just started for the Cowboys.

Given his injury history and what we know about him missing OTAs, what should we expect from Tyron Smith is 2022?

Smith has not played a full season since 2015, he is riddled with neck, back and lower body injuries that have taken away over two full seasons of games from him. We shouldn’t expect anything different in 2022. History tells us that he will miss at least a handful of games, if we look back at 2021, he missed 6.


Much like he has done for the past few seasons, expect him to be a week-to-week player with fans never knowing where he stands in terms of injury.

Fans love Tyron Smith, myself included. But this has become a reoccurring problem year after year. His performance in the Cowboys 2021 playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the wild card round was concerning. Smith may have had one of the worst games of his career protecting Dak, getting beat consistently. Was this just a culmination of the 2021 season injuries? Or was it the beginning of the end for Tyron Smith and his time as an elite player.

I’m concerned about what the future holds for Tyron Smith and the Cowboys, especially the idea of rookie Tyler Smith maybe sliding out to the left tackle position if Tyron does miss games.

What are your thoughts on the Tyron Smith situation?

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