The Dallas Cowboys have yet to reach a deal with Safety Jayron Kearse. What is taking so long?

Tweets and Instagram comments are coming in hot right now with concern over the contract talks between Jayron Kearse and the Dallas Cowboys. Last year Kearse signed a 1 year, $1,127,500 contract with the Cowboys, including a $137,500 signing bonus and $137,500 guaranteed. Looking back at 2021 and Kearses’ production, that was an absolute steal. Now Kearse is looking for a payday and the Cowboys are looking for a bargain.

After signing with Dallas last offseason, Kearse was a revelation for this team in 2021. Dan Quinn had him play the “big nickel” role where Kearse thrived. He appeared in 16 of 17 games with Dallas last season, and eventually earned the signal-caller role on a defense that led the league in takeaways. 2021 was by far the best of his career and led safeties in pass breakups (10), was 5th in defensive stops (33) and 2nd in missed tackle rate (3.9%), per PFF.

So what is taking so long with his new contract?

It’s simple, and the same thing we complain about on a regular basis as Cowboys fans. They are being cheap. This tweet sums up the Cowboys strategy.

“I’m also told that Dallas’ offer to Jayron Kearse is peanuts.”

@PFootballChase via Twitter

The Cowboys are notorious for lowballing offers, especially for players that they did not draft themselves. Kearse has been vocal on Twitter about the current contract situation between him and Dallas.

“Keyword there “WAS” whether it’s Dallas or not bro I’m gone ball given the opportunity”

@JayronKearse8 via Twitter in response to someone calling him a “career back up”.

“Tell me what my asking price is since you know?”

@JayronKearse8 via Twitter in response to someone saying Kearse isn’t worth the money he is asking for.

What is Kearses asking price? Is it $5 million per year? $10 million per year? We don’t know yet and we probably won’t until he signs a contract with Dallas or elsewhere. My personal belief is the Cowboys don’t value the safety position as much as they do other positions.

Just for reference, the Cowboys signed Safety Malik Hooker to a 2 year, $8 million deal this offseason. Based on how they played, I would assume Kearses’ pricetag will be a bit higher than that on a per-year basis.

So for now, we wait.


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