Free Agent Rumors: “The interest from Von Miller is certainly there”

Whiff on Randy Gregory but I’m told there is a very strong interest on Von Miller’s part in coming to Dallas. Got a home very close to the facility.” via @SlaterNFL Twitter.

Von Miller. A name that has certainly been linked to the Cowboys before this free agency period. The 31-year-old pass rusher is coming off his Super Bowl run with the Los Angeles Rams and is looking for a new contract.

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

For the first time in a long time with big outside free agent names, the Cowboys seem to be players in the Von Miller market.

The Randy Gregory switch up, contract dispute, whatever you would like to call it may have pushed the Cowboys to the forefront of the Von Miller market. As of right now, they have Demarcus Lawrence, Terrell Basham, Chauncey Golston, and part-time defensive end Micah Parsons.

Just like everything I type related to the #DallasCowboys and their free-agent signings, this is all predicated on money. How much is Von Miller going to be offered on the open market? How much are the Cowboys willing to pay him?

Todd Archer, a good writer covering the Dallas Cowboys, said that he would offer Von Miller a 2 year $30 million deal. That is $15 million per year while I assume a fully guaranteed contract. If that is the money and he is willing to sign the deal, do it.

Von Miller finished the 2021 season with 5 sacks, 31 total tackles, and 8 assisted tackles. That is not prime Von Miller stats and the Cowboys should not expect to be getting a 2015 version of him. But I still think you are getting a ridiculous player and would go as far to say that the Cowboys would be upgrading over Randy Gregory. In last season’s playoffs, Von Miller played in 4 games, where he totaled 4 sacks (2 in the Super Bowl), 6 tackles for loss, and 6 quarterback hits. An absolute beast during the Rams Superbowl run. Pair that with Micah Parsons and Demarcus Lawrence the Cowboys could be set up for a deadly pass rush in 2022.

Note: Demarcus Ware did not help with the excitement surrounding a possible deal between Von Miller and the Dallas Cowboys. Ware posted a video to his Instagram “There’s a missing spot in Dallas now, just talked to Von Miller. Micah Parsons, Demarcus Lawrence, and Von Miller sounds good to me”. Von Miller commented this shortly after.

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