How Randy Gregory went from a done deal with Dallas to a Denver Bronco.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Randy Gregory had resigned with the Dallas Cowboys, I got the Twitter notification from ESPN, the buzz from my Bleacher Report app, and a text from a friend. “Randy Gregory and the Dallas Cowboys agree to a 5 year, $70 million deal with $28 million guaranteed”. I was happy, not over the top ecstatic but a happy man.

Then I continue on with my day much like many of you do, and BOOM. I get even more notifications from Twitter, ESPN, Bleacher Report, the same friend from before. “Randy Gregory has reached a deal with Broncos; earlier agreement with Cowboys fall through”.

What? How did that happen, and who is at fault?

Let’s break it down a little bit in a series of tweets across Twitter.

“The Randy Gregory reversal to the #Broncos was 100-percent a matter of the #Cowboys tinkering with contract language at the last moment. Like it or not, you can’t come in with that maneuver when there’s another team on hold, just waiting for an opening.” via @CharlesRobinson Twitter

Many of the first reports I encountered were that Randy Gregory did not like how the Cowboys changed language in the contract after making a deal with the team. This persuaded him to take the deal with Denver and leave Dallas. Randy went on to like a series of tweets related to the situation, one of those referring to the Cowboys changing the language due to his prior suspensions and drug use in the past. None of us know at the moment why the language was changed or if it was changed specifically for Gregorys’ contract.

After a couple of hours of anger, confusion, and blame the Cowboys did their share of leaking information.

“Per sources, the language in Randy Gregory‘s contract is standard in every Cowboys contract. It is in Michael Gallup and DeMarcus Lawrence’s contract. It was not specified language for Gregory. A player could lose bonuses or guarantees if a player is fined or suspended.” – via @ClarenceHillJr on Twitter.

So, who do we believe in this situation?

I don’t think it’s all that simple when you look at it. The Cowboys had stuck by Randy Gregory through all of his suspensions, missed games, injuries, etc. But these reports are not lining up and you have to pick a side regarding who you believe. Is this just normal language used by the Cowboys? Did the Cowboys add more for Gregory specifically? What was in the language that upset Gregory so much?

We’ll have to wait for more reports to come out and I plan to cover it as soon as more information becomes available to us. Until then, the Cowboys will be on the lookout for a defensive end in free agency.


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